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How to Take Care of Your Skin in the Summer Heat

Crowds of people have already started enjoying the much looked-for sun after a long winter. The combination between a strong sun and white skin poses a great risk for damaging the skin if we don’t protect it. 

Whether we’re on the mountain, by the sea, or in town, we need to be prepared for hot and sunny weather. This way, we can enjoy the sun without causing unnecessary damage to our skin.

To find out how to take care of our skin in the summer heat, we went out and interviewed the Norwegian skin clinic Follo Beauty Clinic. The reason we chose this clinic, is that they have a lot of experience with sunburned Norwegians. These mountain trolls are especially prone to getting problems when the sun comes out after the harsh Nordic winters.

After our lengthy interview with Nariman Omar, the clinic’s skin- and body therapist, he sent us an email where he summarized some of the things we can do to protect our skin from the sun. We will share what he wrote in his mail to introduce the summary in Norwegian, because we wanted to have it word for word. 

In Norwegian: “Vi får inn mange kunder som leter etter hudpleie Oppegård og har skadet huden fordi de ikke beskyttet seg godt nok mot solen. Her er noen av våre beste tips (som ikke koster en drøss med penger).”

In English: “We receive a lot of customers at our skin clinic in Oppegård, who have damaged their skin because they didn’t protect themselves properly against the sun. Here are some of our best tips (that don’t cost a whole lot of money).” 

Choose the Right Type of Sunscreen

There are lots of things to think about when choosing sunscreen: 

  • If your skin quickly gets dirty, you shouldn’t use sunscreen which is designed for your face; there are specific types for that.
  • A sun stick is good to have in your bag at all times. You can use it for your lips or other small and exposed areas. 
  • If you’re going up into the mountains, it might be best to bring a thicker sunscreen than if you’re staying in town, given the lack of shade. 

Remember to Protect the Children Properly

As children don’t have as thick skin as grownups, they need more protection in order to not get sunburnt. It’s especially important to secure good sunscreen for them, as sunburn at an early age is a big predictor of skin cancer later on. 

Don’t Go Under Sun Protection Factor 30

During springtime and summer, the sun rises high in the sky and its rays are intense. Because of this, choosing a strong enough sun protection factor is important. According to Follo Beauty Clinic, a lot of the skin treatments they give would have been unnecessary, if only their clients had used a factor of 30 in their sunscreen. A general rule of thumb is this: the brighter the skin, the higher factor is needed, but nobody should go under 30.