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This section of the web site of the Arkansas Dietetics Licensing Board contains all required forms for applying for Licensure in the State of Arkansas. Please fill out the forms completely. Failure to complete the forms correctly, could result in a delay in approving your application.

1. Annual Renewal Application Form (ADLB-2 – Updated 09/10/2018)
Contains ADLB 1, 2, & 3

2. New Application Form (ADLB-2 – Updated 09/10/2018)

3. Notarized Form (ADLB-3)

4. Verification Form (ADLB-4)

5. Professional Reference Form(ADLB-5)

6. Professional Experience & Internship (ADLB-6)

7. Continuing Education Guidelines (ADLB-7)

8. Complaint Form (ADLB-8)